Childhood Relived

Okay, I have a word for you.  Sort of an experiment, I guess.  Part of a psychological test, really.  I want to see how you’ll react to this word.

Because the way you react will tell me everything about everything I’m about to tell you here in this post.

Ready for the word?

Alright, here it is.  Cartoons.

There.  Do anything for you?  Are you feeling it?  Even a twitch of sensation?  Heart rate increasing?  Eyes twinkling?  Anything?

No.  Nothing.  Admit it.  You’re numb.  Your eyes are glazed over and your skin is sallow.  While I’m at it, you could stand to run a comb through your hair.

The word is meaningless to you now.

Which proves the point I’m about to make.  And the truth of that point — oh, the truth!  Oh, how it cuts like a knife!  But not the kind of blunt gray knife that…

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